Sell More,
Faster to Many

Grow your revenue and increase your brand reach through selling online, instore, and social media. Manage your customers, products, and revenues end to end at one place. Make business decisions based on advanced, real-time data analysis.   
No Credit Card Required.
Simplified Solution

Streamline Your

Launch, link, and love the ease of managing your online business with LincSell’s simplified e-commerce solutions.

Omnichannel Selling

Sell on any platform with our mobile-first e-commerce solution. 

Easily Setup Online Store

You draw the vision, and we will bring it to life. Start your store smoothly. 

Linked Point of Sale​

Link your store to your online channels for a seamless customer experience. 

Reach New Customers​

Sell on social media by connecting your store links to social media apps.

Engage with Customers​

Build loyalty with campaigns that connect directly to customers through direct messaging & SMS. 

Let Data Drive You​

Use real-time data to understand and cater to customer needs.
Effortless e-commerce

Empower Every Sale, Connect Every Customer  

Whether it’s the ease of online shopping, the personal touch of an in-store visit, or the convenience of on-the-go transactions, LincSell is your constant link to customer satisfaction. 
Account Management Made Easy
Your customers can effortlessly manage their accounts, keeping them engaged and empowered.
Transparent Purchase and Rewards Tracking
Every purchase and reward are just a glance away, fostering trust and loyalty with every transaction.
The Seamless LincSell Experience
We promise a smooth purchase journey across all platforms, ensuring every customer interaction is a positive one.
Effortless e-commerce

Drive Repeat Business

With LincSell, you’re not just selling; you’re creating a community where every customer feels valued. We help you keep close to your customers, building strong relationships that last. 
Tailored Reward Programs
Offer a rewards system that truly appreciates customer loyalty and incentivizes continuous engagement.
Intelligent Customer Recognition
Identify and appreciate your top customers and best-selling products with advanced AI modeling.
Targeted Communication 
Directly reach out to your customers with bespoke campaigns and promotions through their preferred communication channels, creating a personalized touch.
Effortless e-commerce

Accept Payments Your Way, Safely
and Swiftly!

Take payments effortlessly, whether it’s cash, card, or contactless, and keep your profits healthy. 
Accept All Payments
Take any payment: cash, cards, NFC, and digital wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay—we handle them all.
Economical Processing
Enjoy our Cash Discount Program and competitive processing fees starting at just 2.99%.
Data Security Assurance
We ensure your sensitive information, including credit card details, is never stored in our system, providing you with a secure platform to manage your e-commerce business.
Simplified Solution

Overwhelmed with
too many apps?

Say goodbye to the hassle of managing your retail empire through scattered services. LincSell introduces a seamless, all-in-one platform that effortlessly brings together your physical, online, and social storefronts

Launch Your Store, No Tech Skills Needed

We turn your ideas into a live, thriving online store. Our platform is designed for simplicity, so you can set up your store with just a few clicks and start selling faster. 

Go Global from One Dashboard 

LincSell empowers you to cast a wider net with ease. Manage your sales across every channel — online, in-store, or on the go — all from one comprehensive dashboard. 

Make Social Media Your Storefront 

Turn your social media following into a customer base. LincSell connects your products directly to social networks, bringing the checkout to the chat. 

Personalize the Shopping Experience 

Build relationships with customers that go beyond the transaction. Our tools help you reward loyalty and personalize engagement, creating a community around your brand. 
About LincSell

One-Stop Solution for All Your
e-commerce Needs

LincSell is a best ecommerce platform linking all sales channels into one back office to help you expand customers, grow sales, and easily manage daily operations.  It helps you create an integrated solution with website, mobile customer app, in-store and mobile point-of-sale system, and all payments options.  It automates business management through end-to-end connectivity of customers, products, and sales information.   

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Our platform is crafted to ensure that every customer interaction is an opportunity to foster loyalty and trust. We’re here to support you in nurturing lasting relationships with your customers, transforming one-time buyers into lifelong patrons.
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